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Fluid Power 1,  




This course is designed for personnel learning basic knowledge of Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems and theory.

Course Outline
A. Basics
1. Introduction to hydraulics and pneumatics
2. Pressure, Force, Torque, Work, Horsepower
3. Physical Laws; Boyles-Charles, Pascal, Energy
4. Calculations; Force, Pressure, Area, Horsepower
5. Quiz

B. Components
1. Pumps and accumulators
2. Actuators; Cylinders, Motors, Slides, Rotary Devices
3. Directional Controls
4. Flow Controls
5. Pressure Controls
6. Quiz

C. Applications
1. Problem solving
2. Fluidpower Symbol Recognition
3. Classic Circuits; High-Low, Air/Oil, Pressure Compensated, Accumulator Unloading, Sequencing, Regenerative, Proportional, Force/Position
4. Quiz

D. Materials
1. Loose leaf Notebook
2. Fluidpower Basics Textbook
3. Reprints
4. Fluidpower Data

E. Hands on
1. Small Group Sessions
2. Assemble and Operate Basic Circuits
3. Trouble Shooting Techniques
4. Circuit/Symbol Reading

Text Book

and Supplies



Loose-leaf Binder; Reprints, Reference Materials, Circuits